Hello World!

Hello World

Welcome to the Psychwolf Moon blog, a merging of writing, astronomy / astrophotography and music. This will be a fun creative and unleashed space to leave updates on all of the above, and a little bit in between.

As many of you may know my callsign as Psychwolf, this blog is no surprise, many, many concerts later. The moon has risen into the name, with my second hobby rekindled later in life following the brief concert-free experience of Covid-19, lockdowns, and my late nights listening to psych music while taking photos of the stars. And here we hard, a year afterward, and the world has changed forever. You may also know me as Ryno, a marketing operations manager and co-worker, or Milwaukee Astronomical Society officer too. 

Whatever brought you here, it's in this space that I hope to connect with all listening, or else, just document all of the fun, cool, weird and interesting ramblings in this world!

Also, say hi to my cats, Patrick (fat cat) and Amelia (black cat)!

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